Tuesday, 1 November 2011

New Injection Moulding Machines at Gilt Edge Plastics

Our continual investment and rolling 3 year machine replacement programme ensures we are always manufacturing your product on efficient, modern equipment with exceptional repeatability coupled with built in programmable tolerance monitoring systems.
We have just ordered 3 new Boy E-Series Machines which will be delivered to us in the very near future.
The E Series injection moulding machines are Boy’s top models and we have chosen these machines as they are ‘super’ energy efficient. 
All the E-machines are equipped with the PROCAN Alpha control system, and Boy has set new standards for precision, repeatability and speed.  A patented, freely programmable hardware module frees the control system from all time-relevant tasks and performs these same tasks without delay and with very high precision.
We are excited about receiving these machines and this will enable our production to become more efficient and cost effective.
Contact: sales@giltedgeplastics.co.uk

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