Friday, 28 October 2011

Quality Mouldings, Keenly Priced, Delivered On Time.....

With a strong emphasis on Quality Control and with 24 Hr operation enabling flexible fast and repeatable production Gilt Edge Plastics are able to assist you with all your Plastic Injection Moulding needs. 
From conception through to design, tooling, moulding and finishing our skilled and dedicated team can help you to reach your objective on time and on budget.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Product Design

With our vastly experienced component and tool designer we can offer you as much assistance as you require enabling a fully functional product design with practical cost efficient tooling.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Reasons To Choose Us For Your Project.........

At Gilt Edge we always want to offer you the best possible service, so why choose us for your project?

Here's why:

Ø  Our friendly, dedicated and skilled staff are able to offer a wealth of moulding and quality experience, offering you efficient, cost effective injection moulding and post injection moulding services.
Ø  As an ISO9001 Quality Assured Company we operate only the strictest Quality Control procedures ensuring you supply of first-class products time after time.
Ø  With our continued and planned investment in new plant and 24 hour operation we are able to give you flexible fast and repeatable production with short lead times.
Ø  Our low cost and shared cost tooling options help you keep your project within budget.
Ø  Our long term customer relationships are built on our ability to completely satisfy customer production needs and deadlines.
Ø  Our post moulding services enable us to complete your order in full so that your products are ready to use or distribute immediately.
Ø   With our expertise and advice we are able to assist you with your product design and material choice.
Ø  Operating a “just in time” and kanban supply you can rest assured that your goods can be held in stock and called off at short notice.
Ø  We have a large warehouse facility with ample space for the storage of your finished products.
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Friday, 21 October 2011

Need to Call Off Goods At Short Notice?

     At Gilt Edge Plastics, we operate  a “just in time” and kanban supply so you can rest assured that your goods can be held in stock and called off at short notice.

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Growth Strategy

Our company's growth strategy is based around strong customer organic growth and focused acquisition. We are committed to a managed growth plan with a strong emphasis on manufacturing quality, efficient delivery aligned with a sensible pricing policy. Gilt Edge Plastics Ltd has a continual investment program.  This coupled with our BS EN ISO 9001 2000 registration and qualified and dedicated staff provides the infrastructure for continued growth and quality products.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Industry Sectors We Supply

We manufacture and distribute to a multitude of market sectors including:
Ø  Engineering
Ø  Packaging
Ø  Medical
Ø  Building and Construction
Ø  Vending and Leisure
Whatever your industry sector you can rest assured that we will tailor make your project to meet your specific requirements.
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Friday, 14 October 2011


Using the latest state of the art machines and additional resources we are able to injection mould components from less than 1g to over 800g in weight via single cavity conventional fed tools through to multi-cavity hot runner systems. We also specialise in partial hot runner systems that give the benefits of sprueless moulding with the added advantage of quick and precise colour changing.
Our wide experience of materials and currently used polymers range from general purpose grades such as ABS, Polystyrene and Polyethylene etc. to more technically advanced engineering grades such as filled and unfilled Polyamide (PA), Polybutylene-therephthalat (PBT), Polyacetal (POM) and  Polycarbonate (PC).
Coupled with our in-house knowledge and technical assistance available via our supply network to existing and newly developed polymers you can rest assured that we will find the right material for your application.


Thursday, 13 October 2011

Quality Assurance

Looking for quality assurance?  Read on ......
Gilt Edge Plastics is an ISO 9001 Quality Assured company with strict Quality Control procedures ensuring the supply of first class products time after time. Our last Quality Audit was carried out on 4th October 2011.
With a real emphasis throughout the company to provide our customers with an extremely high quality service and product, we strongly believe this is a key factor in our continued success and our many long term customer relationships.
Our continual investment and rolling 3 year machine replacement programme ensures we are always manufacturing your product on efficient, modern equipment with exceptional repeatability coupled with built in programmable tolerance monitoring systems. We also take enormous pride in the environment in which we work and our factory is always kept in a manner conducive to quality.
We work with many of our customers to agree a specific quality plan for their components enabling us to deliver, and them to receive, with complete confidence parts that are exactly as required.

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Monday, 10 October 2011

Other Services We Provide - Insert Staking

What is Insert Staking?

Using thermal probes, brass or metal inserts are inserted into cavities moulded into the component.  Heat from the probe transfers through the insert and melts the plastic surrounding the insert so the insert becomes embedded in the component. This process can be used on a variety of products including fasteners, hinge plates, pivots and hubs to name but a few.

Contact Gilt Edge Plastics if you require this service.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Other Services We Provide - Pad Printing

Another form of printing we provide at Gilt Edge Plastics is Pad Printing.

Need more information on Pad Printing? ...........

Pad printing is a form of printing that can transfer a 2-D image onto a 3-D object.  Initially an image is etched into a flat printing plate and ink is then poured into the etch.  A flexible silicone rubber pad picks up a film of ink from the plate and transfers it to the three dimensional part surface.  Throughout this process the ink becomes tacky as solvent evaporates from the ink. The flexible silicone pad is able to pick up the image from the flat plate and transfer it to many surface shapes – e.g. concave, convex spherical and cylindrical. By applying pressure the pad conforms to the surface shape and leaves the desired image on the object. This form of printing can be used on products including electronic components, sports equipment, toys, automobile parts, medical equipment and many others.


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Other Services We Provide - Hot Foil Printing

At Gilt Edge Plastics, we provide a range of other services to help finish your products.

One of them is Hot Foil Printing.  So... what is Hot Foil Printing?

Hot foil printing is a highly effective and appealing way of printing designs, text and graphics on to moulded parts using a heated die and coloured foil but without the use of ink thereby eliminating drying times.

This effect can be produced by using a wide variety of foil materials such as holographic, metallic and matt colours. The die comes into contact with the foil and places a thin layer of foil onto the moulding.  When heat is added the foil adheres to the object leaving the required design.

If you think we may be able to assist in this area contact:

Monday, 3 October 2011

Our Material Suppliers

Following on from material choice...... we thought you may like to know that our trusted suppliers include:

Plastribution Ltd
Distrupol Ltd
Azelis Plastics UK
EMS Chemie (UK)

Quality is always at the forefront of our business and an ISO 9001 Quality Assured Company with strict Quality Control procedures you can be assured of first class products time after time.