Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Helping You With Your Project

At Gilt Edge Plastics we want you to receive the best possible service at all times. 

Our skilled and dedicated team will ensure that you reach your objective on time and on budget.

So.......when you approach us how would we help you?

Here's how ..............

Initially we would produce a 3D drawing of your proposed product for you if you have not already got one.

If you are happy with the design we could get an SLA* model made so that you can actually try the product.

Providing the SLA is satisfactory to you we would initiate tooling production.

After the tool is complete we would sample the mould and check the mouldings for size, colour, function etc.  If necessary we would then make any tooling adjustments required and then resample  

Once you are satisfied that the sample meets your exact requirements we would proceed to manufacture your product

*What is an SLA?
Stereolithography/SLAs are used in the research and design stages of a product. This is a rapid way to produce one part and takes approximately 1-3 days.  SLAs can subsequently be used for conformity of fit, size, and function.

We look forward to helping you.

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